Black Mamba 3g Legal High Review

Dear Legal Highs People!

Mamba Herbal Incense 3g

Today I received my Black Mamba Herbal Incense in the post, the price is about 35 Eur. The packaging is pretty good, not very different from any other incense out there.
I open the packaging and have a look at the contents and it sure doesnt look like 3gr in there. Let’s see what my digi’s say….2.8gr – a bit disappointed about that, maybe it’s just the result of unprofessional production or maybe just a honest mistake – I will never know.

The smell is getting more and more similar from one incense to another.

Now about the actual testing:

I get nice and comfortable in my living room and use 0.3g of Black Mamba in a joint. With a minimum of 1-2 minutes slight effects become noticeable and keep increasing. They were slightly euphoric, so I just couldn’t sit at one place and after about 10 minutes after I started my experiment with Black Mamba I decided to walk over to the shop get some food. Got to the shop and got a bit of a paranoia it seemed like everyone knew I wasn’t in the clear state of mind. But who cares what they think, right:)

45 minutes later I come back home and the effect are pretty much gone, so I had to smoke some again…

My conclusion:

Good middle ranged product, doesn’t last as long and doesn’t get you weed-like high, but certainly would be nice for beginners.
The price is very exprensive for me, for such a short-lasting product, I can smoke all of those 2.8gr in a day and it will cost me 35 eur. Dont like that :)

It reminded me a little about my experience with Aura Silver Incense, which wasn’t very nice for me.

More legal high experiments to come.
Stay safe!

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