Clockwork Orange Incense Review

clockwork orange herbal incense

Tested Product: Clockwork orange 1g
Packaging: Resealable packaging
Contents: 1.1 g
Price: £10

Had this incense for three days now, and here is my short review.

First impressions count and I must say: NICE :)

The product is called Clockwork Orange looks very fluffy and fine. Packaging is nice to look at. This is supposed to be 4th generation incense legal in UK.

Sat on my couch and started a cozy smoking session. I used about 0.2 – 0.25 g in a joint with some tobacco. ^ ^ The aroma goes straight to the head, couch lock effect definitely present. The feeling was so for about 30-40 min, until I had to smoke some more. The peak was reached relatively quickly, but I found the overall lasting of the high too short.

One thought on “Clockwork Orange Incense Review

  1. Clockwork Orange – Clockwork Orange is a synthetic Cannabinoids, which means the effects mimic the effects you feel from THC. I found this to be far from the truth. Clockwork Orange comes per gram in a foil pack. You sprinkle it in to a large skin with baccy and roach just like you would when rolling a ‘joint’. As soon as you take a drag on the ‘joint’, you’ll feel some effects. For both me and a Friend, it starts off feeling like a very strong nicotine rush. (if you’ve never felt a nicotine rush, it’s a light headed, blurry feeling), and then progressed to a very ‘out of body’ experience. I smoked the legal high whilst walking and the feelings were bizarre. I felt like my body was moving itself, and my mind was separate from it. I felt like i couldn’t actually control my body, it was just controlling itself. I couldn’t focus on the fact i was walking, my body was just doing it. My heart was also pounding very fast and it does give you nausea, (as to be expected from most drugs). My two friends had giggles for a good minute straight, i didn’t feel any giggly effect though. Walking becomes relatively difficult on the drug (as mentioned before the body seems to move itself which can be rather trippy) so i highly recommend sitting down whilst you consume it. The rest of the trip was pretty weird, i was saying things i wasn’t or haven’t ever thought before, it literally was an hour of word vomit. Hard to focus, and concentrate. The effects pretty much died down after that, and i felt sober. Costs £8.50 for a 1 gram pack, which compared to weed is slightly cheaper per gram. Trips last an hour or two tops. – Evidence comes from four joints, smoked at different points in the day with a minimum of an hour gap in between.

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