Hello friends of incense blends. It’s me again, and I think it’s about time again to write an incense blend report so you know what to buy and what not. The incense blend which I’d like to write about today has been available for a few months now. Unfortunately, I don’t think the price of £24.00 for 3 grams is reasonable this time. The incense blend which I’d like to write about today is called: “Dutchy”.
The smell of this incense blend is sweetish, pleasantly fruity describes it best. The consistency is very fine and doesn’t have any stems, so it’s very well portionable. I would classify the color of the substrate as green which sometimes seems a bit brighter.
The test:
Finally, it’s the weekend! It’s time to try out an incense blend which I’ve never had before. So first of all, I spread out on the couch and made a mixture ready for my incense bowl. This consisted of 0.1g incense blend and a bit of tobacco, now what was left to do was to put it in the incense bowl and fill it with smoke. So after about ten minutes, I didn’t feel a thing so I picked up the bowl and this time, I filled the pure mixture with smoke. After another 10 minutes went by, the effect of the mixture really kicked in and was quite strong, the smell was still pleasantly fruity but it also had the disadvantage that except for a minor pressure to the head, not much more happened afterwards because this effect flew by pretty fast. I tried it a while longer but the more I tried it, the weaker the effects became.
As a result, I can only write that I can describe “Dutchy” as a potent blend, but lasting a very short period of time with some unpleasant side effects. This incense blend is just too much for my small wallet.

Solid resin incense review

Solid Herbal Incense

Hi there

Here is my review of Solid resin incense after a free sample I received through this blog. Firstly to give you some backround information, I am a 28 year old male, 5′ 11 in height, average build – ie not quite as fit as I would like! I’m fairly experienced with all manner of legal highs and otherwise and have been using incense since the good old days of Spice.

Now onto the review..

The sample was in sent in plain black sealed packaging which when opened produced a piece a resin approximately the size of a British 2 pence or 2 euro coin if you more familiar with that, don’t ask me about dollars! There wasn’t a weight marked on the packaging and unfortunately in my haste to try the sample didn’t think to weigh it first. The colour was charcoal black with specks of light, there was a slight hashy odour when held to the nose and to touch it was medium hard, just pliable but could be crumbled with your fingers for the most part.

So I rolled a joint with tobacco, putting a single line of small ‘bits’ through it, I deliberately made it weak putting much less than if it was hash. I took the first wee draw and held it for the count of 5 or so and waited in case I was about to get my head blown off…no nothing..so I continued taking a few more puffs before the feeling the effects come on.

It had a nice sativa type buzz, uplifting and energizing. Peak effects where reached after about half a joint and lasted about 45 minutes before wanting more. There wasn’t any paranoia or overdose symptoms. It wasn’t trippy which I liked as it meant you could still keep up conversation and not just mong out.Before the ban Black Mamba was my smoke of choice,the strength being economical but the effects not for all the time. The taste too wasn’t unpleasant and reminded me of polm/weak hash. On the downside, tolerance built up quite quickly as is common with most incense blends.

Overall all I would say it was pretty good smoke for where you want to chill but still able relatively compus mentus to keep up with conversation. While it wasn’t the strongest, it does seem to sell for good price and I would definitely buy it for myself, perhaps along with a stronger trippier blend for later in the night.

Exodus 3g herbal incense review

Exodus Herbal Incense

Tested Product: Exodus 3g
Packaging: zip lock
Price: 22-25£
Content: 3.2 g
Packaging: The design looks very good and professional.
Consistency / smell: This incense is relatively fine and fluffy as it is known by today’s Incense. The color is rather light green. Very few stems in the package so everything is ok there. The smell is slightly spicy, but otherwise nothing that would stand out.
The test: So I grabbed me a pipe , with exactly 0.31 g!. Immediately after burning the spicy flavor was noticed without any harshness, actually quite pleasant. When the pipe was half burned a wide body relaxation was present. It pushes easily in the head after 5 min . After further smokes my mouth was really dry, but it didn’t bother me much. After I was done I sat down on the couch and enjoyed the action. I would put the effects as a step below from Mary Joy. Not too strong and not too weak!

Conclusion: Nice incense, but the effect of duration / intensity was spoiled by the shortness of it(40 min max). Can not play in the top league but who wants a lighter and shorter herbal incense will be happy.

Mad Hatter Hydro Herbal Incense Review

The incense I would like to review today is “Mad Hatter Hydro”.

To the packaging:

Mad Hatter Herbal Incense Review

The packaging exists of a little plastic bag, with a nice picture printed on it. The bag is resealable.

The contents in the little bag smell quite sweet, the consistency is quite fine with some little stalks in it but not big enough to ruin the blend , the color of the herbs is between beige and pale green, the price was 19.99 £ for 3g.

The test: In the evening,  blend was made, consisting of 0.1 g of incense and little tobacco. The effects build up in your brains very quickly, so after about 5 minutes one had already reached the highest point, so immediately the second hit was taken. After possibly other 10 minutes I still waited for the expected prolongation of the high, unfortunately, didn’t notice anything more, except pressure in my head and increased heartbeat. Then after about 30 minutes this effect had also grown pale and I could fire up again.

I would like to say that Mad Hatter  is a pleasant smoke, however,  if you are expecting the same sort of effects as you would get from the strongest herbals out there, you are on the wrong track. Beginners can smoke this incense easily, but I cannot recommend this blend to experienced users. I will not buy this herbal incense any more

Funk Herbal Incense Review

Funk Herbal Incense

Tested Product: Funk 3g
Packaging: Plastic with a zipper
Contents: 2.97g
Price: 22-24 pounds
The Product: My expectations for this product were very low, otherwise I certainly would have already ordered it in the past. There were really too many bad opinions of it. The reviews were mixed; not all were bad, but nevertheless there were enough that you could not overlook them.

Review:The contents smell like a typical of herbal incense, have a green color and are of a fine consistency standard to most herbals nowadays. The advertised exactly 3.0g I found a little brazen, but it might just be my scales.
The Test: Oh how should I write this, without it looking like I am ripping into the product. The judgment itself: Yesterday, I started with lighting up 0.25g; it was about 18 o’clock or so. In between I ate something and surfed a little bit and watched TV and the technical smoking, owing to inadequate effects, went on as follows: 0.3g between lighting up twice, afterward again 0.3g between lighting up twice, and then finally 0.4g between lighting up twice. By the last smoke it was only until 1:30 o’clock and shortly after the second lighting up that I had the feeling of shortness of breath and thought to myself, now here it is, that feeling. Unfortunately it was not so. I subsequently even had problems falling asleep and, considering the amount I smoked, have had that effect with really no other incense’s; sleep had always come naturally. That should suffice for you to get the picture.
Summary and Rating: Well, what should I write? Funk lived up to my expectations, it was bad. I mean, maybe a low price would justify that one is saved from having a normal amount of the active substance in it, but no. Therefore, also, the rating.

Would maybe recommend it to a beginner , since most recent herbal incenses are very strong and possibly risky for newbies; it may allow for a smooth entry into the realm of smoking.
7 out of 12 possible points