Aura Topaz Herbal Incense Review

Aura Topaz

Aura Topaz Herbal Incense Review

I wonder who came up with the idea to name herbal incense after precious metals and gem stones?

This new mixture is nicely packaged with a blue-silver design and contains 3g herbs with a strong smell.

*Damiana with a peach flavor*, was the first thing that came to my mind, which lead me to look for the ingredients – albeit unsuccessfully.

A sample of less than 0.25g spread a citrus like damiana sweet smoke with a certain hint of peach, when I lit it up.

The mixture was finely cut and burns quite well.

As time progresses I felt a nicely relaxed weak effect that fortunately kept my head clear, my concious mobile and my extremeties well supplied with blood.

Aura Topaz provided the athmosphere with a very soft note.

It matches quite well with music and keeps you in this world.

The flavor however is a bit too much like that of toilet fresheners, but you can even it out with other herbs or mixtures like Green, Mary Joy or others.

There is also a itchy feeling in the back of my throat while smoking it.

My conclusion:

Aura Topaz is characterized by a pleasant effect and a good chill factor. The smoke is not hallucinogenic. An addiction is not likely to come up due to the unpleasant taste.


Cobra Herbal Incense Review

Hi everyone!

Here we go again with another trip report. Today I’m trying out Cobra 3g.

Cobra Herbal Incense Review

Tested product: Cobra 3g
Content: 2.73g !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price: more than 30 EUR

Side effects: no hangover effects worth mentioning

Processing and smell:
The smell was quite neutral, there were a couple stems inside, otherwise relatively fine leafs. I had no problems using it.

Regarding the weight:
I thought my scale was broken but my friend had the same result.

The routine:
I light up 0.2 g. While lighting it up a pleasant sensation came up. I’m familiar with this from other incense blends and was already looking forward to having a nice ride. After the 4th inhalation the trip started in the back of my head and progressed forward within 1-2 minutes. I turned on an episode of supernatural and the effect already lessened after 20-30min and was totally gone after the 45min episode. It was quite nice though and I was really able to enjoy the series. A repeated session didn’t bring any satisfying results. Adding more didn’t help either.

My conclusion:

Cobra incense isn’t more than average taste wise. The time span of it’s effect is also rather short when compared to others, but might convince those that want some quick relaxation during the day and do something else afterward, as the whole effect is gone after 1 hour max.
The intensity is probably not enough for fans of really strong herbal incense. It comes up quite nice but then it stays rather subtle, so it’s a rather light relaxation during the day.
Taste: 5.4/10
Intensity: 6.7/10
Duration: 5.2/10
Total: 5.6/10

See you next time!

Pineapple Express Herbal Blend Review

Pineapple Express 3g Review

Tested Product: Pineapple Express 3g
Contents: 2.88g
Price: 21 – 25€ depending on the store

Hello incense fans!

I finally received this new legal high today.
I know a lot of you are waiting for a report about it, so I tested it right away.
The incense came in a normal letter and wasn’t in any kind of real packaging just a transparent zip lock bag stapled to a folded bit of paper.
As with Skunk and a couple other incense blends lately, there was a bit less in the bag than advertised.
Even though there was only 0.12g missing, it annoyed me because the prices are already quite high.
The smell of Pineapple Express is not very strong and I’d describe it as herbal with a hint of pineapple. Definitely very subtle.

I used 0.25g as usual and lit up the incense. After about 10 minutes I noticed the first sign of an effect.
Physical relaxation and a slightly better mood. This already meant that it’s (almost) not a useless product, as I was afraid that it’d be another non-event like I had with Skunk(review will be coming soon)
before. After the whole joint had burnt down I was pretty relaxed. It wasn’t an indica like stoned feeling but more of an active high. The closest comparison would be a pleasant
sativa weed. I personally really like the effect as it doesn’t force you to slow down and working is possible while you’re on it.
Some of hardned Aztec incense fans might be a bit disappointed though, as the “couch lock effect” is missing. ;-)
An effect is definitely there, but it isn’t a strong knock out herbal incenses like some of the strongest on the market. It’s rather something for a relaxed movie night or a party.
Overall I quite like Pineapple Express, but I’m also a fan of a light sativa high. If you prefer a stronger relaxation, you’ll most likely think it’s too light.
No side effects were noticed.

My conclusion: A pleasant herbal mix for beginners and those that have things planned for the day.
I wouldn’t buy it again though, because of it’s high price.

Severe Amnesia Herbal Incense Review

Hi guys! Here is another experience of mine:

Product: Severe Amnesia 3g

Packaging: Just a baggie stapled to a bit of color paper

severe amnesia

Contents: 3.12g
Price: About 20 pounds for 3 gram
The color of this herbal incense is dark green, with splashes of light green hairy particles. My choice was to smoke 0.2g of it in my bong.

Feels like Severe Amnesia is not much different from the Mary Joy series. After my first hit my lungs are bursting. After exhaling it’s hard to breathe, feels like any air movement in my lungs causes additional itching and burning. The difference from Mary Joy is very small: Severe Amnesia hits you slightly softer, and lasts pretty much the same time (up to 45 minutes in total for me). My mood is a bit more positive in compare to what I had with Mary Joy though.
This is the first time I had a headache after smoking incense in a while, and I have smoked a lot of different stuff.

Overall, I wouldn’t waste my 20 pounds again on anything like this.

Mary Joy Red Herbal Incense Review

Today I got my pack of Mary Joy Red herbal incense, paid about 10 pounds for 1gram + delivery…
This is how it looks like:

Mary Joy Red Herbal Incense

Contents are a bit more than 1g, my scales showed 1.09 which is cool. Now, to the effects

I haven’t smoked anything for a while so my tolerance might not be as high as usual. I use 0.3g in my pipe, the smoke is relatively smooth compared to other mary joy incense out there. I start feeling slightly body high in about 5 mins, it keeps increasing for the next 10-15 mins, actually giving me like 10% of the feeling that you get when you some pot.

Mary joy red completely wears off in about 30-40 minutes with no sideffects or any unpleasant aftereffects.

Overall, a nice incense, but doesn’t last long enough, so I smoked whole gram in a day and paying 10 pounds for it seems kinda expensive. Probably the brand.

More legal high reviews soon, gonna try to find something special next!